Anh Vien – Pride of Vietnam young generation

These days, on websites, in newspapers or see forums are filled with stories of super Swimmer 19 Anh Vien. Afternoon 06/17/2015, at the Cultural City Anh Vien and coach Dang Anh Tuan had the exchange with more than 300 fans Light Swimmer This Vienna.
 During 1h talk, Swimmer Light Garden – part of the track record Southeast Asian green for the first time directly to share a lot of thought. The answer, though bearing the words shared lots carefree strokes clear of school age, but behind the answer that’s worth thinking a generation of young people learn from Vietnam.

An audience member asked him about the current Member States often have policies to attract talent from other areas with very high remuneration and wonders whether she will respond like if get a Such proposals.
With the bravery of a young girl, Anh Vien did not lose too much time thinking, an honorific Vietnam immediately replied: “No, I was born in Vietnam, I was in Vietnam, so I will bring glory to Vietnam “. – Determination of Light saying Vienna did the audience participate delighted and proud to think of a 19 year old girl so young. The incessant applause resounded throughout the auditorium. Everybody was very moved and very proud of the new talents of the people, talent is shown comprehensively virtue, wisdom, talent.

If by comparison Anh Vien, then surely many friends peers, even those old enough to be her father’s uncle Gold must itself deeply ashamed of themselves, in many ways electricity. While Anh Vien bring pride to our country, glory for the country, there are many young people wasting their youth, living without ideals, dreams and live up to the wishes of others … Worse still there are young you want to be well known, famous did not hesitate to “flaunt” flesh on the net … just looking forward to having the opportunity of the “hot boy, hot girl”. The success of Vienna’s Light shining example for the younger generation in Vietnam, today and tomorrow to imitate and learn …
Not just “churn” in the race, Anh Vien is also known for a direct answer foreign reporters in English, with a confident manner, friendly and especially the girl’s gentle river region Cuu Long has made many people enjoy. English ability of sensing not reached a climax as the natives but also led many young people to feel ashamed before the girl’s bravery. While out there, how much society young people killing time on the day of the game useless, and how young people 19-20 years old deceive parents tuition used to bet, play e all day … It’s not difficult to catch sight truant student “settled” in the game shops surround the university.
But not everyone knows that behind the medal is how the sweat and tears the relentless efforts of Anh Vien. To have such a precious medal, Anh Vien had to tradeoffs and sacrifices most simple joys of everyday life as a youth. Swimmer did not use the internet, no phone, no face book, even motorcycles also unknown young girl go and above all trip long solid away from home several times made him homesick tears. During three years, Anh Vien flights in the US long-term focus should she just go home right one day to visit family, then turned right to go training. For Fatherland national colors, as fans and beliefs Teachers training honorific overcame all difficulties and achieve results which are worthy of this little girl.
There may also be the outstanding talent in sports but some country who achieved great success so, perhaps his talents may shine in the international arena or not the hard questions can not be confirmed nail; but an example of courage, morality, and especially the “gratitude” of the Vienna Light is the clearest example of the Vietnam generation and reflect and we are proud, must try learning and cultivate investment, quality and strive more to build, defend the Fatherland