Australia: Student use ipad instead of schoolbook

 Australia: Student use ipad instead of schoolbook Currently in the world there are many countries that use modern technology  as ipad, iphone,tablet, mart book… for students from elementary school, Once of them is Australia.
In this country, there is a school is using ipad to help student easy learning While Vietnames Student are using very heavy schoolbag every day and there are some localities in our country, people don’t know about modern technology  as ipad, iphone.
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We usually see that students have to carry heavy backpack to school but in school name is Harrison, of the city of Canberra, it is so rarely.
Instead of the usual textbook, students are using the ipad,tablet for autonomy in learning.
In here, instead of carrying a lot of books in school. Now, students are being provided full tablet, ipad with online learning materials. This is part of the digitization program  to help schools and students more independent learning. 
The teachers are very supportive of this program because the lecture can be changed depending on the needs of student. 
These tablet,ipad are considered close friends during school by students. From the modern technology of  LG, Samsung to Apple, tablet, Ipad are appearing regular and regular classes in Harrison. Students can find information quickly lesson and convenient anytime, anywhere. It has more a lot of supports for the teachers in the lecture.
Ms. Jeanette Watts, once of theseteachers said:with this new way, she can find more source of information, have appropriate knowledge to master the latest knowledge and for weaker students .
Meanwhile, the students are also keeping up with the rapidly changing. Once studentsaid: with tablet, ipad people can use to take pictures all done in scientific information or software downloads to support course.
This Director school, Mr. Dennis said the students enjoy the freedom of being proactive through personal study of this method. “They can take advantage of this opportunity to self-scheduling, identifying learning goals and manage their own learning”


Currently, the whole school has been equipped with wireless network and the teachers are also being trained to be able to keep up with technology.