Behind him about developing the brand from “Singer” Le Roi

Recently, not too difficult for you to type the phrase “Le Roi singer” on the net and google for a series of articles and information related to “singer” is. And behind the fame thanks to a peculiar novelty of Le Roi that have a lot to analyze and comment in terms of Brand Advertising.

For those who do Marketing and Brands, the marketer will not unwise to bring ideas merit or blame for this phenomenon. Because when there is a strange phenomenon as Le Roi is hot, if not careful tongue very vulnerable “hate” or say profound than being for the phrase “eat instant jealousy in” with the popularity of Le Roi.

It sounds ridiculous but really in all of us, there are those who dare to assert Le Roi singing, one really feels Le Roi is a guy capable of singing, dancing skills … but picture guy “singer” This was very much loved and enjoyed each time watching his clip. In the opinion of a renowned veteran marketer in the industry, Mr. Nguyen Trung Germany – author of “Marketing from A to Z says
“I did hear and see plenty of clips of singer Le Roi, I personally do not appreciate the ability to sing, expressions, or the appearance of singer Le Roi. But I felt very excited with Le Roi Photo Singer, a guy close, dare to do, dare to express things that can make many people do not dare. Someone said to me: “If they hear Le Roi boredom away, enjoying life now”. I believe that.
But many people also expressed concern about the phenomenon Singer Le Roi, the word “Singer” is regularly included in the quotation. Le Roi singer sang his favorite song to sing, and the audience can choose to listen to songs they like to hear. I think Le Roi Singer phenomenon being community and some media do too up, but something too well, it is not good. “

When Le Roi phenomena perceived with the eyes of media people, not surprising with this phenomenon. In the media, the 16 concept’s popularity is the concept Le Roi Odd – silly. The quirky, silly to the “strange” other people, goes against the “social crowd” has brought fame to the original Hai Duong guy with the groove on youtobe cover.
In farmer guy is honest, has the comfort and freedom with the passion and joy of her singing when the oven with over 150 cover versions. It is unclear whether intentional or accidental, but the clip of Le Roi had to hand many people and has been share information with each other to make up the fame of Le Roi.
The now famous not too difficult indeed to the ongoing development and rushing of information technology, internet …. All have shortened the distance between people, is an opportunity for fame becomes easier than ever. But the fame that would become infamous or not depends on the time and the owner of fame anymore
Is that the young man from Hai Duong with cover versions “immortal,” he will be able to “live together years” or not is unknown, or this is just a stepping stone to Le Roi entered giời non-showbiz full market of Vietnam. Let’s wait and anticipate