Behind the success of the young man Nghe – The Phoenix

Football Fans Vietnam no one knows to his young players Cong Phuong Vietnam. Whether preparing young man turns 19, but the success and the results he has achieved in the games pitch that many people from young to old, all admire and adore.

Paying attention can clearly see that guy Cong Phuong very pensive eyes, especially when you meditate, transient sadness on his face young Messi. And few know behind the glamor there, to get the results very admirable as today, the Phoenix has experienced difficult childhoods and how hard.
General comments of colleagues and the people can realize Cong Phuong rarely laugh, and if He can also smile a wry little pieces.
Whether in Vietnam U19 team or HAGL Arsenal JMG Academy, young Messi He looked so much older than her age. The friends, teammates Britain as “Xuan Truong Dong Trieu Tuan Anh, or” often smiles carefree, innocent, then with the Phoenix, his image is often seemed pensive, thinking and pondering .
This has left many questions and thoughts about this young man. For a satisfying answer to these questions, the group Reporters had a trip to visit home of the Phoenix – a poor district of Nghe An Luong. A land of scorching sun, wind blowing Laos during the summer, the harsh nature … the first impression when you arrive to this country.
And it is thanks to this place, which has produced talents for our country, Vietnam guy Messi is one of them. Cong Phuong grew up in an agricultural family. From small, hard life, as flood was associated with almost all households in the poor rural areas, and family Cong Phuong is no exception. Raised from the sweat of his father’s assistant, and the tears of the mother often algae farming lifelong young man with grown siblings of people

From the small, passionate with round ball and the pitch was ingrained into the young man’s blood Land Art. At the starting point, although still very difficult, strenuous, but he soon determined to stick with the round ball now. Initially, only one pair of shoes and balls 11.000dong 20,000 are valuable assets of the young man Cong Phuong. It was a birthday gift that parents give to his son won when seen plying the boy with round ball all day.
Once successful, hard look back on that young boy Cong Phuong went through, from the first days of toddlers with round ball, to the time when participants were excluded player’s selection to the provincial level to district level he was only 10 years old. At that time, the school has accepted Fenghuang “shared” and not eating part as to you, all is for the pleasure and the passion for the round ball.

In particular, in 2006, when only 11 years old Phuong Co., the young man had to taste sensation sky fall is like being the home of SLNA scouts continue to refuse. We are easy to find the way to soccer’s hardly any players are not flat, but if compared with Nghe young man, it is difficult to multiply by 10 because it is the a long field destitute.
Memories of childhood poverty of Phoenix, besides that hard, it was sad to lose his brother, Nguyen Cong Khoa, brothers – best friends – the first person of his teammate Messi Vietnam . It is a huge loss for him and his family, and the sadness that never subside in him.
Mother of Phuong, Nguyen Thi Hoa still remember pictures of his two sons do the same in football and queer clothes from home to garden workshops fields regardless of weathering.
Then his brother has unfortunately gone forever after a time away from the herd and that drowning Cong Phuong every loner.

Although viewed as a hero and become a celebrity but it could not appease the damage which the Phoenix has experienced difficult and also made him forget how difficult reality, struggling around the his family lived. For him, the only Phoenix desire to see his parents and sisters from the sidelines while his teammates family, rented 20 vehicles, 30 seats to watch the competitions Hanoi.
But the hard life of the family, his mother had to sell a few quintals of paddy from enough money to Hanoi and mother’s gift is just a few simple majority country bread. Although he now has help for families with more comfortable life first, home repair, shopping add household items but memories of poverty and deep sadness in the young man’s heart is still vicious streak wrinkled forehead on each Cong Phuong musing.
Affordable, so on the face of the Phoenix have both austere definition of parent. Even when he smiled, the smile still brings a wry sense. His sad eyes is also sculptural imprints of the past to prepare the boy turns 20.