Sapporo Draft Beer – Japanese beer quality

 Currently, the brand Sapporo is appreciated through the beer cans, bottled beer, draft beer Sapporo particularly well loved by consumers.
As Vietnam’s economy is growing, people’s income is increasing, appeared many business models to meet the beverage needs of customers.
Sapporo has not missed this opportunity to build Sapporo’s club feels comfortable for gods. This model helps customers to have more enjoyable experience than the other beer brands.

Sapporo has constantly expanded point of sale, using the effective marketing tool to bring the image closer Sapporo customers. Wishing to develop the brand, Sapporo has not stopped investing and developing distribution channels Level 1, Level 2 nationwide. The walk of Sapporo has helped customers to easily find suitable locations to enjoy, share delicious fresh beer, essence with family and friends during the meeting, exchanging “Fresh keep”
Besides focusing on the quality of materials and manufacturing processes to have Sapporo quality products, quality of service staff Sapporo is also very interested in. Sapporo experts regularly organize training for thousands of employees  at many points of sale about process of filling, keeping the original taste of the product integrity to provide the best products.
When we pour fresh beer out in glass, we have to separate proportion to 7 servings of beer, 3 parts foam to create a “coating” to prevent CO2 escape. It will be loosen the taste of beer, as well as fresh beer Sapporo looks sleeker. Glass of beer have to be washed, dried naturally and cooled before pouring beer. The Space of Sapporo has to be cool. “Glass to drink beer only used once and limited contact with arm, it will help to prevent body heat loss of cold beer as” a shared training experts.
Sapporo has given customers more choices and be appreciated for the quality, taste and aesthetics. With successes like regular output production capacity to 100 million liters per year, we can be confident that the more successful of the near Sapporo