Success Secrets of Vinamilk

Recently, referring to Vietnam’s dairy market, can not fail to mention the brand of successful businesswoman Mai Kieu Lien – Vinamilk.
Specifically, in 2010, Vinamilk brand image often appeared very much at speeds almost “giddy” over the mass media, mass media, the internet … with the brilliant achievements, photos Vinamilk has been mentioned many times. It is possible to mention the outstanding achievements such as the first representative of Vietnam in the top 200 Asian Business of the Year in 2010 by Forbes Asia poll. Was Vietnam Report (VNR) ranked top 5 largest private enterprises in Vietnam, are Nielsen Singapore as one of 10 brands by consumers favorite Vietnam. So the secret to success has not been revealed by Vinamilk is what?

To achieve success and outstanding achievements like that, there are many factors that contribute to, a choice of exactly which female entrepreneurs have invested Mai Kieu Lien right from the beginning was the technological . As dairy company was founded in 1976, now has nearly 35 years Vinamilk development and branding. The number of factories specializing in producing original small figure is only 3 (Reunification, Truong Tho, Dielac), Vinamilk has progressively invested and launched the dairy plant in Hanoi, Binh Dinh and Can Tho, Saigon, Nghe An times to meet market demand. Along with technology investments, Vinamilk also always pay attention to the construction of distribution networks and products. With over 200 items Milk and Dairy Products Vinamilk increasingly become a coal dependent housewives in particular and Vietnam in general people
It is important for a business to survive and when growing in their industries is the word “TRUST”. And the prestige and professionalism in doing that Vinamilk has become Vietnam brand coverage across the country, from remote areas to distant islands. Area General Manager Vinamilk – Mai Kieu Lien said she always thought to make good products, high quality, tested by scientists and by the fact they have the ability for consumers to trust and choose silk. Therefore always pay attention to product quality assurance that Vinamilk has continued efforts to ensure simultaneous three core issues, such as quality – price – service style. And the result gives Vinamilk effort was admirable
One of the important factors that bring success secrets of investment Vinamilk is the brand and expand market effectively.
Before entering in a market, whether domestic or foreign, so we always pay attention to the specific study of each area, as well as the major costs associated social, human … to take the “step” effect
most sustainable and help the development of the retail network for each commodity and promote an efficient way for each commodity in each region, different localities.

Typically the result of Vinamilk 2010 revenue of more than 16,000 billion. Achieving this is thanks Vinamilk has adopted business reforms. With the business strategy of all national government and tightly controlled retail outlets. Along with the development of the domestic market, which parallel the company has reached foreign markets, as “humor” the difficult markets such as America, Australia, Cambodia, Laos, Philippine, Middle East .. . With the portfolio of nearly 40% market share of the dairy market in Vietnam, can rely more on the development of this brand more high flying, flying beyond
Another factor that can not fail to mention when talking about the success of the current Vinamilk is “human brain”.

With female entrepreneur Mai Kieu Lien, said in all areas of production and business, whether you have advanced technology, enterprise management system to modern matter where you might have to have people know use and operate it. “
 Therefore, not only care about or improve life for all members of the company, Vinamilk also very focused on raising skill levels for each department, creating better conditions for environment the office staff from each department, factory production lines in order to achieve success and most synchronized.

With the detailed plan and concrete, plus the talented helm of businesswoman tomorrow Kieu Lien and colleagues, so far can confirm Vinamilk trains on track. Hopefully in the future this laisau, the successor force, enthusiastic, qualified, Brand Vinamilk will increasingly develop and radiant glory